Important Notice Regarding Our Services

We have received several calls and complaints from customers expressed their dissatisfaction about the difficulties they face because of inaccuracies regarding to the services we offered. There are some website out there that give the wrong information about our services that cause some difficulties to our customers.

Here we would like to emphasize that we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused due to misinformation or outdated info from sources other than our official website. One of the complaints that we received is about the service that we no longer offer. Because other website didn't update their info, it cause some problem to the customer who get the information from other website to use our services.

Therefore, to get any correct information, we suggest you to get the information from this website, where we ensure that all information is accurate and constantly updated. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information or you can contact us by telephone or email.
We are sorry for inconvenience caused.